New Works Salon L

Saturday, April 27 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 PM; $5 admission                                                         

New Works Salons series is a casual forum for the presentation and discussion of new works in film, video, sound, and performance, with local and visiting artists often in-person to introduce their work. This, the fiftieth program in the series, will feature work by John Cannizzaro, Edgar Jorge, Mounir Souss, and Anaïs Hinojosa Téllez. Shadow speaks, Earth speaks. An acceptance of shadow, a prayer. A mirror, the self inverted. Remembering the divinity of the spine, Mother within the body. Guided with gratitude by dancers Maya Deren and Martha Graham, Anaïs Hinojosa Téllez brings together three rolls of super 8mm in a diagnosis of spiritual healing. Black and white roll eco-processed using rosemary, a medicinal herb used for generations by the women of the Téllez family. Created thanks to EPFC’s Youth Alumni Fellowship. Mounir Souss will show several works, including Soil, Blood, Soil and a rough cut of Aveugle Soumission: In 2020, the Muslim Ban has implemented stricter laws: all individuals of Arab origin or Islamic faith must leave the US and return to their countries of origin. The film depicts a 25-year-old student Luay Al-Derazi who, upon hearing the news, struggles to understand his contested place amidst the cruelty of the American landscape and its new inhabitants.” Mounir Souss (b.1998) is a Moroccan filmmaker whose work considers the psychological effects of colonial rule across generations. They are interested in the ways in which Morocco has been portrayed simultaneously as a site of terror and Orientalist fantasy. Furthermore, they evoke the interiority of the stateless body while questioning what it means to be written out of history. Drawing from Sufism and Kabbalah; Souss considers the richness and complexity of having both an Arab and Jewish identity. Edgar Jorge will show his new video Babelisms: Google dares to translate what it doesn’t understand… Much like I do. With this realization, I set out to learn its language and teach it mine.” We’ll also have John Cannizzaro’s new work Season in Hell, an allegorical journey of a Damned soul through the labyrinth of myth and religion. A re-edited, concentrated, and boiled-down version of a feature that I made in 2002, Season in Hell is a head-on collision with the notion of god, dedicated to Bruce Baillie.

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