New South American Cinema: Analog Films by Mateo André Burbano Molina

Thursday, February 21 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 PM; $5 admission

My Name is Mateo André Burbano Molina, I’m 21 years old. I was born in Quito – Ecuador and now I’m currently studying film editing in Buenos Aires since 2016 in “FUC Universidad del Cine”. Although I started in this world as an editor thinking of learning visual effects, I unexpectedly fell in love with 35mm analog photography, and little by little I met the world of super 8 and 16mm, so I immediately started experimenting with the grain, the scratches and the infinite possibilities the analog world has to offer. Now I’m working in the script of a new short film in 16mm and super 8, I really want to try and incorporate the just revived ektachrome or some experimental film like the lomography lomochrome purple this year and hopefully bringing back the analog world to my hometown maybe, creating a lab to offer the possibility to more people to try out analog.


16mm & S8mm (work in progress) Agua Fresca de Semeniškiai. Color Digital: A father and his son reencounters in a lagoon in which they used to fish many years ago. ~12mins

S8mm B&W Analog Intervención a la Pintura (Intervention on painting) (coo-directed with Federico Morales Ballester) ~3mins    An experimental journey in which the camera applies the notion of cinema with shot sizes, focus and movement to various paintings.

S8mm B&W Manta un año después (Manta a year later) Analog 2 – 4 Proyectors ~5mins

A film constructed by a series of loops that creates a contrast between the exotic beach of Manta and the reminiscences of the earthquake that happened in 2016.

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