Friday, May 24 at 8 PM                                                                         

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

TAUW (Ousmane Sembène, 1970. Senegal. 24 minutes. Wolof and French language, with English subtitles. 16MM PRINT!)

In Dakar, a young twenty-year-old unemployed man, Tauw, fends off accusations of laziness and tries to make a home for his pregnant girlfriend who has been rejected by her family. He struggles to find work in a marketplace that requires him to pay money to be hired. He dreams on a park bench. An odious religious father is repudiated.

MY LOVE IS BURNING (Kenji Mizoguchi, 1949. Japan. 84 minutes. Japanese with English subtitles.)

Part of Kenji Mizoguchi’s “Fighting Women” series (The Victory of Women, 1946, The Love of Actress Sumako, 1947) My Love is Burning is drawn from the life of one of the Meiji period’s (1880’s, Japan) first staunch feminists, Eiko Kageyame, whose autobiography My Half Life inspired the screenplay of this film.

Eiko leaves Okayama for Tokyo, where she helps the fledgling Liberal Party and falls in love with its leader Omoi, just as the party is being disbanded by the government. Eiko and Omoi are jailed because of a fire at a factory instigated by Chiyo, a servant girl from Eiko’s home in Okayama, who was sold to slavery. A few years later the 1889 constitution is proclaimed, Eiko, Omoi, and Chiyo are pardoned, and the Liberal Party is reinaugurated. But Omoi does not campaign for women’s rights… Eiko must consider her role in all this.

Program total running time: 2 hours.

“Kino Slang” is a regular series of cinema screenings programmed by Andy Rector at the EPFC. It continues the cinematographic and historical excavations, proceedings by montage and association, silent alarms and naked dawns of the thirteen-year-old blog, Kino Slang.

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