Sunday, May 6 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

The Dutch/Palestinian director Hany Abu Assad’s Ford Transit (80 min, 2003) is a look into the day-to-day lives of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation as it is seen, lived and witnessed through the windows, and on the seats of a Ford Transit (the main public transportation in the occupied West Bank). An entertaining film about a people enduring occupation for more than 30 years – introducing the out of the ordinary point of view of the ordinary people. Mixing fiction with documentary, the film melds music, humor and anger into a high-spirited critique of an infamous crisis.
This screening is part of The IfNotNow Film Series, which focuses on the nuanced perspectives and complexities of living in Israel and Palestine. Through a personal lens, these films represent the realities of both Palestinians and Israelis whose lives are profoundly affected by the legal, financial and social corollaries of the Israeli occupation. IfNotNow is a movement led by young Jews working to transform the American Jewish Community’s support for the Occupation into a call for freedom and dignity for all Palestinians and Israelis. For more information about IfNotNow, please go to

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