filmmaking as zinemaking: DIY moving images from Rotterdam, Netherlands by fcr

Saturday, October 26 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; FREE EVENT

Join us for Cinematic Oktoberfest, a weekend of free screenings and workshops by two terrific visiting German artists-in-residence! Tonight’s screening features an array of mind-bending work created and curated by Florian Cramer, featuring floppy disk films, GIF Zines and a selection of mini documentaries & abstract videos blended in a performative projection. FREE EVENT! FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!


filmmaking as zinemaking:
DIY moving images from Rotterdam, Netherlands by fcr

Echo Park Film Center, 1200 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles
Saturday, October 26 at 8 PM


poetry Super 8 film loops

1: shorts (35 mins)

Kurt Kren, Ana Aktion Brus (Vienna, 1964), 2:35

René Uhlmann, Punk Cocktail (Zurich, 1976-1980/2006), 4 min. excerpt

(with cordial thanks to René Uhlmann for his kind permission)


How to picturize two Kafka short stories, 2011, 1:45

Neoist exercise, 2011, 2:47

Mobility Shifts, 2011, 0:49

Endo Hitz Mitsuhashi, 2012, 1:34

Who’s Afraid of Hans Clavin, 2014, 2:50

Sunset Boulevard, A Neoist Research Project, 2015, 2:20

mila I, 2017, 1:10

mila II, 2017, 2:44

IG Witzelsucht – Imagine Imogen, 2017, 3:37


floppy films:

Coraria, 2010, 2:09

Upsetter, 2012, 1:00

nkdlunch, 2011, 2:44


2: moving images zines / event videography 

35 mins mix/edit of:

raar vertaald, 2019 / BAFGFF, 2018 / Ultra Eczema 20, 2017 / Woodstone Kugelblitz Takeover, 2017 / Happy Birthday Young Weirdo, 2017 / Klemtoon, 2014 / Sunny Quantum Up, 2017 / Amador Music Box, 2016 / Circular Ruins Red Brut Tarzana, 2015 / noise (Peter Zincken, Lorna Buckley), 2014 / bookworks, 2013 / Striving, 2014 / Sound of the Attic, 2012 / Magic Bar, 2012 / Sly Prop Otter X-Screen, 2012


3: preview (15 mins.)

work-in-progress film, 2019, 15:00 of 35:00 minutes

Florian Cramer is both a DIYer and scholar; he wrote his PhD thesis on the history of combinatorial-generative poetry, and has been making Super 8 films since 1985. His website “Permutations” (, launched in 1997, reconstructs historical generative poetry as web bots. In 2009, he began filmmaking on floppy disks (;, around the same time an extended work of documenting contemporary arts/DIY events in Rotterdam, Netherlands on video, adopting a zinemaking work method to filmmaking.

This event is made possible by Wunderbar Together: Germany and the US,  an initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented by Goethe Institut and supported by BDI The Voice of Germany Industry.

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