Sunday, November 17 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

GODDEX RESISTRIX Programmed by Hannah Piper Burns, TRT 80min Sordid oxidizers, digesters, digressors, detox dirges, xeroxed ids. A rich loam of fecund jouissance powers the force that turns the wheel of creation, preservation, and destruction. Maybe she’s born with it, but who cares? Let go and let goddex. CURATOR HANNAH PIPER BURNS IN ATTENDANCE!

Katya Yakubov: The Watering Room (35) Based on Russian fairy tales featuring the infamous Baba Yaga, The Watering Room stages a power-play between an old woman who lives in squalor, and a bureaucrat, there to question her about a piece of property she may own. This seemingly straightforward dynamic begins to break down with the continued re-telling of the same story—the specifics of an encounter the Surveyor had on his way to Yaga’s house. Mixing elements of horror, surrealism, and theater, the film questions why we take pleasure in the perverse, and how the boundaries of guilt can be actively re-written. 

Allison Halter: Conductive Temperament Informational Session, or, Words Fail, Music Speaks (4) SONIC TAROT TRANSMISSION 

Malena Barnhart: Lana del Rey Makeup Tutorials (4) In this work, re-edited audio and video footage from American pop star Lana Del Rey exists alongside 72 YouTube makeup tutorials featuring girls and women showing others how to use makeup to look more like her. 

Olivia Louise: She’s No Bodies Baby (3.5) After months of dream journaling, a portal finally opened. The director climbed in and woke up to a memory previously repressed by her psyche. The archival montage is a collection of symbols, archetypes and alchemical processes that pointed her towards the portal that woke her up from a dreamworld. 

Hannah Piper Burns: dbsr (5) An exercise in intuitive reverse alchemy inspired by Un Chien Andalou, The Pixies, and Chanel (with a score recorded at the Synth Library in Portland, OR). 

Jessie Darnell: 2000 WOMEN NAMED STACY (10) An exploration of online fetishism as a larger analogy for the eurocentric gaze in pornography, control, self-degradation, and performative roles for a camera. Functioning as a moving digital collage of appropriated materials from Youtube, quicksand fetish websites, and pornography; the Stacy’s present themselves to the viewer as both Aggressor and Sacrifice. 

ariella tai: cavity (5) A video about revenge.

Olivia Louise: Earthworms (2.5) A Utopian community purchases a small farm in Woodstock, NYC in order to explore (in their own words) “the erotic origins of domesticity”. Hours of archived rituals and uploaded psychodramas enact the power dynamics that exist between land and property, body and bio-tech, consumer and the consumed. 

Jana Debus: I Am Pagan Baby (11) I Am Pagan Baby is about the fringes of life in a kind of Ur-form. The experimental portrait portrays a source of life on the edge of civilisation. Glimpses of a life-path which encourage us to ask what can become of humans if we rise from the rituals of necessity.

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