Saturday, March 2 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.   

Please join us for a special evening of short films that explore the intersection of the natural world and the urban environment.  As humans encroach upon nature, space is transformed, reclaimed, and politicized.  These films exhibit a range of forms that take shape in the relationship between humans and nature.

Program includes:

Kyle Petty, Returning the Bees, An urban beekeeper’s dream comes true: wild honeybees are returned to their hive in a city water meter, where they are allowed to thrive among the sprawl of Los Angeles. A backwards vision of an alternative ecology built from the footage of its own undoing. A science fiction ethnography.’

Adele Horne, In Common observes the life of a garden planted on a “vacant lot” in Los Angeles. As the days and seasons cycle through a year, different tempos of life exist in counterpoint. The gardener’s rhythm of work, as she grows and harvests food, accompanies the scurrying of small creatures in the garden, the play of weather and light on the hillside, and the hurtling of cars across the city on the freeway below.

Sierra Pall, Still Standing is a documentary about the the rural community of Mendocino California and their fight against a logging company that uses chemicals to harvest redwoods; poisoning the land, the people, and creating dead zones of highly flammable trees.

Chris Filippone, Scrap, In the shadow of the global metal trade, a metal scrapper hunts the streets of Oakland searching for his day’s keep.
Louisa Conrad, Chores, depicts life on a goat farm in Vermont, from the dead of winter through kidding through milking through the bounty of summer: the never-ending story of daily chores (ours’ and the goats’) at Big Picture Farm.
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