FREE Super 8 Workshop for Teens at Vita Art Center, Ventura

Intro to Super 8 Filmmaking & Hand-Processing

FREE WORKSHOP at Vita Art Center, 28 W Main St, Ventura, CA 93001

TEENS, Ages 13-18

Saturday, June 4 from 1-5 PM

In this analog filmmaking class students will learn about cinema and shoot using traditional motion picture cameras. We discuss cinema history, camera mechanics, hand-processing etc. We will then break up into groups and shoot 1 to 2 short films using Super 8 analog cameras in and around VITA. THEN!!!! We hand process the reels using non-toxic eco developers with Coffee, Vitamin C, Washing Soda and assorted flowers participants have gathered!!!! We then string up our film together and watch the magic unfold before our eyes!!! The results are BEAUTIFUL and experimental and figurative in nature.

More info and sign up at https://www.vitaartcenter.com/summer-2022/teen-ceramic-creatures-free-workshop-wwkwa

This workshop is made possible by the generous support of the Ruth & Joseph C. Reed Foundation for the Arts and the California Arts Council.


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