Organized Activities: Films by Nellie Kluz

Thursday, November 15 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30; $5 admission.                                                          

These videos are about collective belief systems and fantasies, and the infrastructures that support them. They look for loopholes: in the flow of time; the economic grind; and prosaic reality. Emphasizing personal contact and experiential knowledge, these works come out of the filmmaker’s open-ended encounters with various kinds of believers and myth-makers. The camera pays close attention to the textures of faces, voices, and surfaces, using observational documentary approaches to carefully grasp and re-arrange details.

MUST SEE (2016, 13 mins) All over America, rain or shine, pilgrims journey together.

ALL THE WITCHES (2015, 4.5 mins) Witches, cinematographers and other members of the crew pass a night together in the woods.

GOLD PARTY (2013, 16 mins) Gold is a commodity that thrives in uncertain economic climates. There’s a harvest every day as scrap dealers comb through excess metal from flusher times, buying up discarded gold to re-sell to refineries.

VIDEO FOR DEREK (2015, 2 mins) The Real Story

SERPENTS AND DOVES (2018, 30 mins) Behind the scenes at a Christian passion play staged in the Ozark mountains. A dramatization of the last days and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the play is a decades-long evangelizing project, tourist attraction, and spectacle – part religious ritual, part community theater. In a space where associations are swirling, the cast and crew speak about their experiences, memories, and fears.

Bio: Nellie Kluz is based in Chicago. Her films have screened at venues like the Full Frame Film Festival, Festival de Popoli, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, the Independent Film Festival Boston, the Maryland Film Festival, The DocYard, the Sidewalk Film Festival, Rooftop Films and others. She was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s “25 Faces of Independent Film” for 2017.


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