Fading Landscapes: The Films of Linda Fenstermaker

Sunday, March 1 at 8 pm

Doors 7:30 pm; $5 admission.

Working primarily in 16mm film, Seattle-based experimental filmmaker, Linda Fenstermaker, explores the interactions and relationships between body and landscape through representations of organic food systems and empowered women. She will be on hand to present a selection of her impressionistic experimental works at Echo Park Film Center. FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!


Abandoned Generations (2015) 10 minutes
A portrait of farmland in the Pacific Northwest, “Abandoned Generations” explores relationships with land and time in different generations. Told through the perspective of a female farmer in the 1940s, the film questions the
distance that modern society has from the earth and how that relationship informs daily life.
Trialogue #3 (2017) 3 minutes
Made in collaboration with Caryn Cline and Reed O’Beirne.
Collaborating to subdivide a 16mm film frame into thirds, we present our separately shot segments simultaneously
within one spatial plane. From the interplay of these three points of view, emerges a cinematic conversation based
on horizontal compositional logic within the shared frame.
Here I Breathe (2017) 7.30 minutes
A tender exploration of memory, loss and embodiment inherent in the process of aging shown through portraits of
unknown women in their youth and old age. In combining visual and linguistic poetry, the film creates a
timelessness of place within the natural passing of the years.
Trahere (2018) 3.30 minutes
Made in collaboration with Caryn Cline.
Using in-camera double exposures, ‘Trahere” explores our timeless relationship with the natural world as a young
farmer entangles herself among the flowers.
Erased Etchings (2017) 8.30 minutes
“Erased Etchings” documents a place of memory and the collisions between past and present. The film focuses on
capturing the essence of four homes in Seattle, Washington that are eventually torn down. Through the process of
making the film on celluloid, a record is maintained of that which no longer exists.
Partial (2016) 6.30 minutes
“Partial” questions the layers of division between ourselves and the natural landscape in both form and format.
Through in-camera layering techniques and hand-processing aesthetics, the film reflects our partial and distant
perception of the world around. It exposes split and fractured manipulations in between the stillness of nature and
the movement of film.
Sometimes All of Summertime (2019) 8.30 minutes
This film explores the innocence, beauty and energy in the natural rhythms of a season. The focus on summertime
is a metaphor for the process of combining lives with another person and the tugging feelings of that union.
Bitch Island (2017) 3.30 minutes
“Bitch Island” is a music video featuring Seattle feminist punk band, Mommy Long Legs.

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