Thursday, March 10, 8PM

With its roots dating back to 1979, Los Angeles based, EZTV has been a pioneering force for alternative modalities in independent media production, exhibition and distribution.  These  artists not only presented its own critically acclaimed work, but opened its space to others, curating and presenting equally acclaimed work by others.

Clearly among the world’s first video microcinemas, it also housed what was among the world’s first art galleries dedicated to digital art, built one of the first websites focused on computer based art.

It developed technical as well as artistic innovations, including an early use of the Internet as an artist tool (dating back to the early 1980’s), and produced large-scale site-specific video projections long before commonplace. Its gallery presented very early examples of digitally mediated live performance and networked art.

Early EZTV collaborations with local dance choreographers created some of the first theatrically, synchronized multi-channel multimedia dances pieces in Los Angeles. It has produced or exhibited works that not only have been presented in galleries and museums, but also have gone on to win more mainstream recognitions such as Oscar and Emmy awards.

Echo Park Film Center will host a one-night survey of short works from over the decades, presenting some of the many curatorial and production genres championed by EZTV, including experimental narrative, feminist, conspiracy theory, LGBTQ and socio-political discourse. Included are artists Kate Johnson, James Williams and art collectives Video Free Earth and Vertical Blanking

Videos included are from the permanent collections of both EZTV Museum and USC’s ONE Archives.



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