Saturday, August 18 at 8 PM

Doors 7:30; $5 admission.

“Glyph” is a piece of Expanded Cinema based on the graphic representations engraved and carved in rocks, made in prehistory by our ancestors. This piece is based on petroglyphs found in the Guerrero and Michoacán areas, these glyphs where drawn on 16mm film and animated to transformation from one symbol to another.

Jael Jacobo is an architect who’s main focus is analog cinema and its forms of expression (visual arts, animation and expanded cinema), she seeks to continue and to reinvent the practices of experimental cinema. She was part of the collectives “Komorebi” and ” Extraños en el tren “, and co-founder of the “Casa Yugen” cultural center in 2016.

Jael is also a recurring collaborator in projects with LEC, Echo Park Film Center, Crater Lab, among others.

Ezequiel Guido is a mixed media artist and musician who ventured into the sound of visual material in 2012 with the live scoring of the silent film “The hands of Orlac (Robert Wiene, 1924) in the Soundtrack Series of the National Cinematheque (CDMX) and in the Ex-Teresa Arte Actual with the project “Extraños en el tren” who musicalized about 16 silent films from 2012 to 2017. In 2015 he created the project Komorebi with Jael Jacobo, a project based on experimentation with acoustic instruments, ethnic music and field recordings that seek to generate a state of contemplation and attentive listening in the spectator.

From 2016 to 2018 he began to mix electronic and ethnic music and to collaborate on collective projects and audiovisual pieces with different artists and archivists such as LEC and Echo Park Film Center.


Special thanks and big shout out to the San Diego Underground Film Festival for their fiscal support in bringing Jael and Guido to the United States and helping make this event possible!

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