Acropolis Cinema Presents 88:88 by Isiah Medina

FRIDAY MARCH 11, 2 Screenings 7:30 and 9PM

One of the most rapturously acclaimed and hotly debated experimental films in recent years, Isiah Medina’s incendiary debut fearlessly pushes the aesthetic constraints of the cinematic medium by reengaging the nascent potential of its fundamental tools. A feature-length montage film in which untold hours of footage of the director’s family and friends is stitched into a panorama of fleeting images, sounds, and sensations, 88:88 refines the Canadian director’s early experiments with audio-visual disunity by expanding its coordinates beyond the confines of the impressionistic and into the realm of the purely visceral. As playful as it is provocative, the film confronts issues of poverty and racial injustice with a formal arsenal radical enough to reframe such matters as points of philosophical integrity as much as moral responsibility. Fresh off its premiere in Locarno and subsequent stops at the Toronto and New York film festivals, 88:88 arrives in Los Angeles for a pair of screenings sure to incite and inspire in equal measure.

$10 Admission

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