16mm In-Camera Editing & Alternative Color Processing


Day One: Shooting with the 16mm Bolex Reflex Camera 

We will spend the afternoon walking around Echo Park, exploring the landscape, while learning various in-camera shooting techniques with the 16mm Bolex Reflex Camera. We will experiment with well-known techniques such as fades, dissolves, double exposures, matte shots, single frame and time exposure. We will collectively shoot on one 100’ roll of KODAK VISION Color Print Film / 2383/3383 and learn how to hand process the work on the following day.

Day Two: Hand processing 3383 as Reversal

In the second part of the workshop, participants will learn to hand process the photographed 3383 as a color reversal image while also going into greater detail about the composition, chemistry and mechanism of color film stocks.

More detailed background for the main workshop description: 

Kodak 3383 is a color release print stock; meaning that it’s main use is in making color positive prints for projection purposes. This typically involves using a contact printing to expose a camera original negative unto the print stock, followed by ECP (Eastman Color Positive) processing. However, in this workshop, we will be using 3383 in a drastically different way by using an alternative process to produce a color reversal positive straight from the camera.

While such a way of working with 3383 (which has an ISO rating of 2) is not necessarily a direct replacement for other color reversal materials, the stock can come very close to full color reproduction and is also the cheapest film currently in manufacturer at approximately 3 cents to the foot. Therefore, it can provide filmmakers with an interesting and extremely cost effective way of producing intriguing color compositions.

Instructors: Kevin Rice and Margaret Rorison Tuition: $120/$96 Members

Your spot is confirmed when tuition is received online via PayPal or with cash in person during store hours (Saturday and Sunday noon – 5 pm). Members, please contact us for your 20% off discount code. Not a member? Become one today!

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