2021 Super 8 Commissions Announced!

EPFC | March 15th, 2021

We’re delighted to announce this year’s wonderful group of participating artists for EPFC’s Super 8 Commissions Project: 20 Films for 20 Years of Echo Park Film Center! Congrats to shimby zegeye, Miriam Goi, Aidan Reynolds and Sofia Canales, Isabella D’Ageneica, Ray Freedman, Maximus Oppenheimer, Graham High, Sara Su√°rez, Teresa Nowatzki, Emery Martin, MiaBella and Bryan Chavez, Kevin Seyedin, Julieta Keldjian, Nico Soto and Manu Soto, Paul Gailiunas and Lecie Williams, Laramie Moser, Morgan McGlothlan, Jason King, Mary Jane Moses, Joe Hilsenrad, and Ken Fountain.

Nominated by members of the EPFC Co-op, each¬†individual/collaborative team receives two rolls of Tri-X black and white Super 8 film and an invitation to make a short film on whatever theme they like. Completed works will be shared at EPFC’s 20-Year Anniversary Party in December.

EPFC’s 2021 Super 8 Commissions Project is generously supported by The Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts.